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  • All the tools and systems that will automate processes, optimise you and your staff's daily tasks and bring operational efficiency to the next level.

    Popular Operations categories

    A Property Management System (PMS), also sometimes referred to as a Hotel Operating System (HOS), is the central operating software of a hotel. The PMS is the “core-system” of a hotel’s technology stack. At a functionality level, the PMS is responsible for various operational and administrative tasks including access, updating, and tracking of all relevant information across most departments. Those functions range from managing reservations, distribution and guest data to cashiering, and payment processing. They also deal with check-in and check-out (as well as mobile and self-check-in kiosks in some cases). In terms of reporting and KPI tracking, most PMS vendors provide basic statistics, custom report builders, and various export formats, and interface their solution to specialised 3rd party business intelligence tools for in-depth reporting.

    Housekeeping Software is similar to staff communication & task management tools but goes a step further. It can be particularly beneficial to hotels with more than 100 rooms. These tools focus on the housekeeping department allowing the housekeeping manager to assign rooms to cleaning staff and monitor the advancement from each one out of a single dashboard. The great advantage is that these tools connect to the hotel’s PMS allowing the housekeeping manager to mark the room as clean in the PMS. When something is broken the housekeeping staff can directly alert the maintenance team and in addition, mark the room as out of service (OOS) in the PMS.

    Housekeeping software has similar functionalities to a staff communication & task management tool, but they go a step further. This is especially important for hotels with more than 100 rooms. These tools focus on the housekeeping department allowing the housekeeping manager to assign rooms to cleaning staff and monitor the advancement from each one out of a single dashboard. The great advantage is that these tools connect to the hotel’s PMS allowing the housekeeping manager to mark the room as clean in the PMS. When something is broken the housekeeping staff can directly alert the maintenance team and in addition, mark the room as out of service (OOS) in the PMS.

    Online check-in solutions & check-in kiosks enable hotels to cater to the growing demand for self-service options from the modern guest. Whatever the delivery device, solutions which categorise themselves in online check-in & check-in kiosks are those covering the historical core steps defined in a hotel check-in and check-out. In its most classical sense, the check-in of a hotel is defined by the combination of capturing the registration form and signature on paper, invoice data, and the room key delivery. This process can be digitized and streamlined. For the checkout process the combination of payment, invoice dispatch and key retrieval are required to be covered by the tool. There is a distinction to be made between online registration form providers, mobile check-in and fixed kiosks at the reception. Mobile check-in and kiosk solutions qualify for the full definition of the category whereas online registration form solutions only allow hoteliers to, incrementally, speed up the process at the front desk but are not to be confused with fully automated check-in and out solutions which automate room key delivery and payment processing. The regulations to digitize this process varies from country to country. For example, in Germany this was enabled through the long-awaited amendment to the law on the Federal Registration Act from January 1st 2020, allowing for digital registration, via Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) procedure via credit card or eID through which this process can be completely digitalized and automated

    These tools will give your concierge department everything they need to keep on overview of daily activities, agenda of guest bookings and requests, customer profiles, news and more. Generally, concierge software also provide communication tools to interact with your guests.

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  • All the tools that have to do with selling your rooms on your direct and indirect channels. You will also find solutions to optimise your pricing strategy and get automatic rate recommendations.

    Popular Distribution categories

    The channel manager is a technology that takes care of connecting and automating a hotel's inventory distribution to multiple hotel booking sites synchronously. It enables hoteliers to manage availability, rates and reservations at the same time in a single system without needing to log-in and update your information in the different extranets. Thanks to a channel management system, hotels can list their inventory to hundreds of online booking portals such as OTAs (like Booking.com),Global Distribution Systems and alternative accommodation channels like Airbnb. Depending on the desired rules set by hoteliers, the channel manager will update all platforms in real-time based on a pooled inventory model. Pooled inventory is a modern principle enabling hotels, hostels and vacation rental companies to maximise occupancy while limiting the potential for overbookings. and other channels you need.

    An internet booking engine (IBE) is a system that enables hotels to process online bookings directly and in real-time through their brand’s website. A modern and optimised booking engine should provide a seamless 3 to 4 step process where website visitors and future guests can review available room types and rates for specific dates. It should allow for credit card payments as well as potentially alternative payment methods such as PayPal and be compliant with PCI and PSD2 requirements.

    Digital marketing agencies and companies, which provide a template based or custom websites for you to showcase your property and take direct bookings. You will also have access to a CMS (content management system) so that you can modify the content in real time.

    A revenue management system (RMS), also sometimes referred to as yield management software, is a tool that helps to analyze, automate, and optimize a hotel’s pricing strategy in-real-time to increase revenue and ultimately profitability. The overall objective being in line with the basic principle of revenue management: offering the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price on the right channel. By evaluating available data (of i.e. supply and demand, historical and market data) a Revenue management software provides and implements pricing recommendations for various room types, segments and channels. Recently, RMS providers have moved from on-premise to cloud-based applications that are delivered as Software as a Service, meaning that algorithms are constantly improved based on thousands of aggregated data points collected by vendors.

    Rate shoppers and market intelligence tools enables hoteliers to closely monitor the market on a variety of aggregated data points. The historical focus of such systems is to provide revenue managers and decision makers with competitors pricing data and accurate demand forecasts. Today, such systems also provide hoteliers with data such as weather forecasts, local events and holiday calendars that could also impact overall market demand. Ultimately, these tools are designed to support hotels in adjusting their pricing and revenue management strategy. For multi-property operators managing hotels in multiple locations, rate shopping and market intelligence tools are incredible time-savers.

    Chatbots, sometimes referred to as chatterbots or bots, are software applications that enable automated conversations through messaging interfaces such as a live chat on a hotel’s website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or other instant communication channels. Chatbots currently support 3 main use cases. The first one is to increase operational efficiency. While every guest is unique, most of their questions & requests are repetitive and can be answered by automated replies. Chatbots act as a filter so that only the questions that require human attention will be escalated to staff. The second use case is driving hotel direct bookings. The conversation format makes it easy for customers to get the information they seek but it also enables the chatbot to capture customer details, travel dates or special wishes. The third use case is fulfilling customer expectations, static content becoming less and less relevant to mobile customers. Chatbots offer instant access to relevant information. There is a distinction to be made between simple chatbots (rule-based) which match user questions with predefined answers, and advanced chatbots that use artificial intelligence to expand knowledge and capabilities over time by learning through interactions with users. The best chatbots use a combination of intent detection and machine learning, with escalation to live agents if they do not understand or do not yet have the knowledge to handle a query.

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  • These are the tools, which help you create and automate marketing initiatives such as targeted emailing campaigns, metasearch ads. You will also find tools to help you monitor your online reputation on all platforms (tripadvisor, Google My Business, booking.com, expedia, etc...)and manage online reviews. Finally, you will find to tools to increase awareness of your hotel and traffic to your website.

    Popular Marketing categories

    An online reputation or review management system aggregates all guest reviews and ratings for a hotel from multiple online sources and allows hoteliers to manage, benchmark, analyze and respond to these reviews in one place. Especially for managing multi-property reviews centrally a review management system is helpful. These systems also support semantic text analysis, providing valuable insights enabling hotels to prioritise important issues or identify positive aspects by keywords. Depending on each tool, functionalities can be solely centered around the analysis of reviews or can also participate in increased review and feedback collection by providing surveying features. The distinction between feedback and reviews lies in the fact that feedback is mainly for internal use at the hotel gathering in-stay feedback to avoid potential public negative reviews. Reviews on the other hand, are the fact of driving additional traffic to public sites through a tripadvisor review collection partner for example

    Metasearch & ad management platforms increase hotels’ visibility by helping them connect, manage and monitor every major meta-search channel (Google, Skyscanner, Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak), ultimately attracting new customers to drive direct reservations. These platforms, also sometimes accompanied by service, will also enable hoteliers to effectively manage digital advertisements on all major search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo Japan.

    A customer relationship management software (CRM) allows to manage and store guest data and information, to initiate, build, nurture, track, manage and grow relationships with existing and potential hotel guests. In both B2C and B2B, CRMs allow hoteliers to identify sales opportunities, record and manage customer service issues and manage marketing campaigns, all in one central location. Currently there are various types of CRM tools available, those developed specifically for the hotel industry or those developed to work for various industries (such as Salesforce or Hubspot). There is a distinction to be made between pure email marketing tools and guest data management platforms. Email marketing tools focus heavily on customer relationship marketing (newsletter marketing campaigns), meaning they enable segmented and personalised email campaigns based on contact properties established by the hotelier as well as automated emails triggered depending on the stage in the guest journey. Guest data platforms, on the other hand, go one step further and they are usually built specifically for hotels. The main difference to email marketing tools is that they centralise all the data from various other systems (PMS, guest app, staff collaboration tools, online reputation management platforms) to build one centralised guest profile. They also include data cleansing and “match & merge” functionalities to reduce duplicate guest profiles. These central guest profiles allow for further personalisation and operational excellence by knowing more about each guest, notably their historical spending habits or the satisfaction level of previous stays

    An upselling platform allows for strategic and segmented up-selling of ancillary products and services to hotel guests. Either after a guest’s hotel room booking and before their arrival, or during their stay by giving them access to a platform promoting various, personalised options such as room upgrades or specific services such as rental bikes, a spa treatment or a restaurant reservation. Ultimately this can lead to incremental revenues generated for the hotel and a better guest experience created for the guest, thanks to personalised offerings of a relevant product at the right time.

    These tools facilitate you to manage the creation, publication, modification and distribution of social media content for your hotel.

    These tools help you design virtual reality tours of your property by amenities and rooms, and provide a snippet to add it to your website.

    Hotel loyalty programs or better known as hotel rewards programs are usually run to encourage the guests to come back to a your hotel or brand. These guest loyalty programs in hotels include offering memberships to guests, and offer special amenities, discounts and reward points when they transact with your hotel.

    These tools help you to organize, optimize and distribute your content and visuals throughout all different online channels, among others OTA's, search engines, and metaplatforms.

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  • Every tool that will have a direct impact on the guest experience and interaction with your hosts.

    Popular Guest Experience categories

    An instant guest messaging platform is a software application that supports hotels in engaging with guests through various direct communication channels (facebook messenger, SMS, iMessage, WeChat, Whatsapp, etc…). Such platforms allow hotels to reach guests on their preferred channel in real time to send manual or automated messages (e.g. checking information or upselling offers) and receive requests. With guest messaging software, hotels will have all conversations from various sources aggregated and centralised in one place.

    An app, or application, is a type of software that enables hotel guests to perform specific tasks and access diverse information. These apps can be accessed by downloading them on app stores or by browsing a specific URL link. Downloaded apps are called mobile apps, while browser-based apps are referred to as web apps or PWA (progressive web apps).

    In-room tablets create a new way for guests to interact with the hotel, their room and the city. They allow hotels to provide a digital hotel directory to guests for them to access Information, interactive maps, room-service ordering, bookable services, chat with the front desk, news, weather and more. Some in-room tablet providers can also integrate domotics features so guests can manage the room environment like lighting, temperature and music as well as control the TV.

    Offer your guests the possibility to charge their car when staying at your property

    These tools will enable to organise, showcase and monetise your in-house experiences through an easy to use content management system and snippets that you can integrate to your website and other platforms.

    Having a strong, fast and reliable internet connection throughout your hotel is key. These providers are specialised in providing WiFi for independent-, as well as large chain hotels.

    These providers offer you the possibility to interact with your guests via their in-room TV’s by pushing content to their TV displays. Typically interactive TV’s have an integration to the PMS to personalise and automate among other things welcome messages.

    Products from this category are generally a combination of hardware & software (to manage content and functionalities). If you would like to enhance your lobby or specific areas of your property, digital signage solutions can be used for decoration purposes or information to your guests. Some solutions act purely as information display when others allow your guest to interact with the screen (e.g. interactive map of the hotel).

    A hotelshop provides hotels with the e-commerce component enabling hotels to sell their hotel products online on the hotel website or in the hotel app.

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  • These are all the systems that will help you optimise your F&B departments and other outlets like a shop or a SPA.

    Popular Restaurant & Spa categories

    A POS (point of sale) system, is a combination of hardware and software built to centralize your f&B operations operations. It manages transactions for your outlets, sends bills to your PMS's guest folio, helps you monitor your KPI's like sales, staff performance and more. Some providers also streamline your table ordering by providing tablets.

    These tools help you manage your spa. You'll get access to a reservations calendar giving an overview of bookings, daily activities and statistics. You'll be able to create offline appointments,manage therapists, set pricing for different treatments, create special offers and centralise payments or send the bills to your PMS' guest folio. Some tools also provide a dedicated spa booking engine for your website.

    These tools allow you to generate multilingual & allergens filtered menus to embed on your restaurant website page.

    These tools helps you with capacity optimisation, marketing automation and mobile ordering for your restaurant. You will be able to take reservations on your website, automate cancellation policies and credit card blocks, keep your waiting list and regulars up to date with email and SMS campaigns and upsell pre-made menus for groups.

    These tools will enable you to offer your restaurant guests with a tablet to order themselves. You will be able to setup menu items, translate them in an unlimited number of languages, make it filterable by allergens and more.

    These tools helps you with capacity optimization, marketing automation and mobile ordering for your restaurant. You will be able to take reservations on your website, automate cancellation policies and credit card blocks, keep your waiting list and regulars up to date with email and SMS campaigns and upsell pre-made menus for groups.

    These platform are generally integrated to your point of sale system or restaurant management system and enable you to make your different F&B outlets directly bookable on your website.

    Top rated Restaurant & Spa software

  • Everything you need to sell and manage groups, meeting rooms and events.

    Popular MICE Management categories

    If events are a big part of your business, these solutions will provide all the tools you need to organise your sales pipeline, automate proposals creation, create banquet event orders, generate invoices and more. Some solutions also integrate to your PMS for live availability and rooms blocks for groups.

    With a dedicated booking engine, you will be able to make your meeting and conference rooms directly bookable on your website.

    These tools connect to your PMS to optimise and help you automate group reservations

    With these tools, you will get consolidated KPI figures, dashboards and forecast take data-driven decisions for your Meeting & Events and Group Business.

    With these tools, you will be able to set prices on meeting and conferences rooms types, sizes, pricing and availability as well as a ancillary products like F&B, external activities, flowers etc. You will have a tailored booking engine to automate quote for prospects wishing to have an event at your hotel.

    Top rated MICE Management software

  • All systems related to accounting, budgeting and administration.

    Popular Back Office & Finance categories

    Payment platforms include all players who enable you to handle secure online transactions which are PCI, PSD-2, and GDPR compliant. This includes payment gateways who authorise credit cards or handle direct payment processing for your hotel. This category also includes payment platforms which facilitate seamless online payments for your guests, but who do not manage the transactions themselves.

    These tools help you to have your data secured and comply to comply with legal requirements like GDPR

    These tools will generally take revenue, occupancy and other data points from your PMS to help you consolidate your management reporting

    With these tools, you will get consolidated KPI figures, year to year comparison of budgets and forecasts, main cost and revenue drivers .

    Accounting software can be integrated to your property management system and point of sale system to automatically record and process accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance.

    Top rated Back Office & Finance software

  • All tools related to staff management, payroll and hiring.

    Popular Staff Management & HR categories

    If you spend too much time preparing the weekly rotas, these tools will help you automate scheduling. By taking into account many different variables like contract types, special requests & availabilities from your staff or collective agreements, the system will generate your weekly schedule and share it with the staff through a centralised app. Some tools will also provide clock-in/clock-out kiosks for you to track how much time each staff spends on premise everyday.

    These tools are generally combined with staff scheduling tools and your accounting software. Taking into account variables like overtime, absences, holidays, down payments, premiums (bonuses), it will automatically calculate the monthly payroll and help you track key performance indicators like total payroll, productivity, staff ratios and more

    Are your payroll costs are too high compared to the fluctuating and seasonal activity at your hotel? These platform help you reduce these fixed costs and specialise in matching hotels with curated on-demand staff in your city. You will find operational staff like waiters, cooks, valet and more. You will be able to check their references and reviews and not worry about payroll management as these providers take care of that for you.

    These platform give hiring managers and recruiters tools to manage candidates, while simultaneously simplifying the application process for applicants.

    These tools will enable you to organise your recruiting process from application to on-boarding new employees. Some of these systems will also help you track compensation, employee satisfaction and performance.

    These platforms offer both pre-made learning courses for different departments as well white label (customisable) platforms for you to build your own Learning Mangement System (LMS). You will be able design your own learning courses and add medias like pictures and videos, segment courses by rank, department and location as well as track readiness of your employees.

    Top rated Staff Management & HR software

  • Popular Others categories

    These systems combine a mix of hardware and software to help you monitor as well as optimise your building's energy consumption

    Integrators can serve different purposes. Some focus on making PMS data more easily accessible to 3rd party software to remove the barrier to entry of integrating to each PMS on the market. Other platforms enable to aggregate and consolidate data from various systems to have more enriched customer profiles for example. Finally, some platforms enable to connect your data and triggers certain action to other indsutry agnostic apps such as Google Suite or mailing app like Mailchimp.

    Top rated Others software

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