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May 4th, 2020
May 4th, 2020

Offering an all-in-one solution for the leisure industry, from hotels to cinemas, meet Martin Siebenbrunner

Von Thibault Gence , Co-founder @ Hotelhero

SiTec provides businesses from the leisure industry with all-in-one solutions to simplify operations and help hoteliers reduce tech costs. 

We asked a couple of questions to CEO Martin Siebenbrunner to know more about SiTec and the story behind it.



Let’s get started! Before we talk about your product, tell us a bit about your story and how you got into the hotel industry?

SiTec was founded 1987 as a software company for cinemas. Few years later we developed our first PMS system for some hotel clients in Austria. After this, we decided to concentrate on the leisure industry: Hotels, restaurants, spa- and wellness resorts and... cinemas.


So tell us about your product? Why did you decide to build this or what problem are you trying to solve?

We’ve been working with hotels for more than 30 years with our classic Front Office® programs. The Windows based Software is very complex and a result of decades of development. Few years ago we had a brand new idea: Build an all-in-one system from scratch, with top modern technology and based on our experience in the hotel business. So to say, we created a startup with more than 30 years of experience. Just like that, Front Office Cloud was born.


What type of properties uses your product? Can you tell us a bit about the different accommodation providers your product caters for?

Our products are scalable from small hotels to hotel chains. The rates depend, among other things, on the number of rooms, so that the system is also affordable for small accommodations.


How is your product different from what is already existing in the market? Any key differentiators or USPs?

Front Office Cloud is a complete solution for hotels. It includes a PMS system, complete POS cash base, wellness planner, communication system, knowledge database and more. There is also the world’s first graphical drag-and-drop and email designer. Email templates can be linked to guests and booking-properties. That means that every email adjusts itself to the need and interests of the guest automatically. Integrating different system into one has many advantages. First of all, the hotelier saves lots of costs, because he doesn’t need to buy several different systems. All details are stored centrally, every restaurant check can be displayed in the hotel invoice with all items, there is no more need to collect all there paper checks. With the communication system, the reception can send a clean order to housekeeping. After the housekeeping staff has finished the task, reception is notified and the room status changes automatically.


Intuitive central calendar


Amongst all others, what is one of the key features your customers love the most? 

In spite of its multiple functions, Front Office Cloud is intuitive and easy to learn with its logical and clean structure. Many intelligent background functions help the users with daily tasks. The comprehensive workflow functions track all states of booking process and maintain contact with clients. Advanced functions, such as the built-in data cruncher, let the entrepreneur create individual reports and charts with a drag-and-drop system. 



What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

After many years stuck with a classical PMS mind, we had to develop brand new concepts, because we didn’t want to recreate similar things to we already already had. So we had to deal with brand new technology and combine our know-how with the new concepts. Front Office Cloud is something completely new – more than the combination of the individual parts, it assists all employees of the hotel in their areas, helps them collaborate and maintains contact with customers.


To wrap things up, we are in an industry were collaboration and partnerships are crucial. Is there any specific 3rd party software that brings most value to your clients? Or is there a product on the market that really caught your eye?

We are dealing with all tasks in the hotel; our booking engine is the online-tool for the hotel’s homepage. For other online-services, we provide interfaces to all common channel managers. Unlike other solutions, changes of rates and availability are sent in real-time, so the delay on portals like booking.com is minimized. With our unique open API, our partners can provide unlimited solutions; they can connect to any service we use ourselves. For example you can book breakfast from a room-tablet or adjust heating automatically from the occupation rate forecast.


Über den Autoren

Thibault is Co-Founder of Hotelhero and a graduate of École Hoteliere de Lausanne. Passionate about hotels, service excellence & technology Hotelhero is built on the belief that independent & small chain operators should be leveraging technology for the better. Our platform and services strive to give every hotelier a chance to compete in this highly competitive market by implementing the right technology.