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Facilitate the work of your housekeeping team

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Focused on the digitalization of the hotel housekeeping, Abitari improves communication between front desk, inspectors and room attendants thanks to its app. It allows to save more than 125 hours per month in housekeeping tasks.

Main benefits for attendants:

  • Reduction of around 75% of the calls between attendants and reception.
  • Information flows directly to the indicated person. ( maint., inspector, front desk)
  • Allows you to save 20 minutes a day, due to a reduction in waiting times when floor maids need updated information.

Main benefits for inspector:

  • Through tablet, they can approve rooms or request a review for the attendant.
  • Real-time knowledge of the location of the equipment.
  • Allows you to save up to 65 minutes per day thanks to the reduction of displacements between floor and the reduction on response times


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