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AmonRa Cloud PMS

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All in One Cloud PMS To Simplify Hotel Management

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New generation of AmonRa is the cloud based solution to help hoteliers manage their property on the go and boost their revenues. It is the most affordable, reliable and powerful property management system that provides all the tools you need to manage your property on mobile.

-Main Fetaures

  • Cloud PMS - AmonRa is accessible from any device that is connected to the Internet. No installation; all you need is a browser. Manage all types of accommodation: hotels, resorts, hostels. Everything you need is in one place.
  • Channel Manager - The optimal solution for managing your hotel's online distribution. Save time, Generate revenue, Reach millions of potential guests. List your property on major booking channels and manage your inventory in real-time, reach millions of potential guests. No more overbookings.
  • Booking Engine - Your guests can now benefit from booking directly from your website with the new generation integrated booking system of AmonRa. Accept bookings through your website, let your guests book online using any type of device. Avoid channel commissions.
  • CMS - Create a website that promotes your hotel to the world. Start with any template and customize it to fit your needs. Build a mobile friendly website for your property on your own.
  • 24/7 - Get 24/7 support from the support team. Ensure your hotel operation is up and running all the time.
  • Affordable - Pay monthly. No license, start-up or support fees.
  • API - Connect to any hospitality technology, build with all AmonRa functionalities.
  • More Apps - Expand your cloud solution with more add-ons like e-concierge, e-payment, housekeeping apps, contact us for more.

-User Experience

  • Excellent balance between ease of use and unlimited customization
  • Web or mobile interfaces
  • Single-click operations and shortcuts
  • User, property or system wide options

-Report and Analysis

  • Drill-down lists, pivot tables, charts
  • User-defined templates for single click analysis
  • Dynamic embedded charting, ad-hoc graphs
  • Irregular data inclusion with scripting



Hotelreservierungssystem (PMS)
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Raumtypen & Tarifverwaltung

Vorabrechnung & Abrechnung

Bettenbelegung (Hostels)



Benutzerdefinierte Berichte


Flexible Benutzerrechte und -rollen

E-Mail-Automatisierung (Vor- und Nach-Aufenthalt)


Dashboard für tägliche Aktivitäten

KPI Dashboard


Integrierte Zahlungsabwicklun

Integrierter Reisepass-Scanner

Mobil zugänglich

Buchungsmaschinen Modul

Channel Manager Modul


Yield (Revenue) Management Modul


CRM Modul

Point of Sale (Kassensystem) Modul

Housekeeping Modul

Mitarbeiterkommunikation (Aufgabenmanager) Modul

Gäste-App oder Web-Portal-Modul

Lobby Kiosk Modul

Verkaufs- und Veranstaltungsmanagement Modul

Online-Registrierungsformular (Fast Check-in)

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