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Tuglie, Province of Lecce, Italy

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Connect and manage all the departments of your hotel from a single interface.

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BookNowHotel, with its headquarters in Malta and sales offices in Italy, primarily aims to provide high quality services associated with the hospitality industry. Recognizing the use of the rapid growing online reservation management, we offer innovative web-based solution so that our clients can generate additional revenues.

Innovatively designed reservation management for hotels and various other accommodation units, it can included seamlessly in an existing or a new hotel website. It is suitable for both small and large hotels. It is a specialized tool that serves as a Channel Manager, Front Desk System and Hotel Booking Engine.

Thus, it would be an all-in-one management solution for your hotel. It also helps the clients to focus on generating Unique Selling Proposition (USP’s), into powerful sales tools, acquiring additional revenue, reducing risks and operational costs.


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