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Singapore, SG

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In-room tablet solution for luxury hotels

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Digivalet is a tablet-based convergence platform for luxury hotels. The system enables guests to control their room, access videos, order services, do an express checkout. The guest can do all this and many things more from an iPad provided by the hotel.

Since the system is interconnected to the hotel's existing Property Management, Point of Sales and Room Management Systems, guests have access to their bill in real time and can check out without spending time at the front desk. The F&B department can push offers to guests through the tablet and any order from the guest will be automatically added to their account.

Digivalet also offers top quality entertainment and connects with cable TV, full HD Video on Demand and music. The Apple interface transforms the once tiresome experience of accessing content to a pleasant one, as the guest can search for movies by actors, read the synopsis and view the trailer before launching the video on its TV.

Hotel owners can increase revenues per room, streamline their operations and improve their green initiatives while proving to their guests that they understand their lifestyle and their needs for greater convenience. As an elegant convergence platform, Digivalet is also a great personalisation tool, adapting to the users and enabling hotels to surprise their returning guests with special services.