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FornovaCI - Competitive Intelligence

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Upgrade to enterprise-grade rate shopping

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Have a better understanding on how your hotel, cluster or chain is performing against the competition.
Shape your pricing strategy and make informed rate decisions using the most advanced and comprehensive comp set data.
Increase your market share by upgrading to enterprise-grade rate shopping.

We have combined our patented data technology with more than a decade’s experience of working with global hotel majors, the main online travel agencies (OTAs), and the world’s most recognized retail brands to develop FornovaCI. The solution provides an alternative to traditional rate shoppers by giving our clients unrivaled insights into competitor rates, online visibility, and guest reviews.

A FornovaCI innovation is the CI score, which enables hoteliers to evaluate the competitiveness for an individual hotel, a cluster or even the whole chain in one simple index (1-100). The score provides a quick way to evaluate current performance (rate, visibility, reviews, etc), investigate progress over time, and benchmark the hotel to its piers (based on hierarchy, geography, etc).

Fornova’s patented technology can emulate users from 72 different markets (Points of Sale), and scan and compare all those rates simultaneously. 



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