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ibindo - the easiest authority reporting and guest registration Cloud for short term rentals

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easy. legal proof. digital - authority reporting has never been easier

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With ibindo, we provide an online plattform for Hosts in Austria like Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast and Management Agencies to bring Innovation into their daily processes with the so called "Meldeschein" or "Gästeblatt" or "Gästeverzeichnis". This is a guest registration sheet that is filled on paper in most of the Austrian accomodations and local communities. 

💯We go further and provide the easiest System for contactless Check-Ins and Guest Registration, Reporting and Tax Calculation.

2 monthly clicks and you have everything you need to legally report to your local community department.

  1. You create your rental object (Room, Appartment) and get 1 magical Link. 📎
  2. You send this link with your PMS or by e-mail, Whatsapp,... to your guests. 💌
  3. They fill their personal data, sign on their smartphone electronically and THATS IT. 📱

✅The only thing you have to do is check if the data is ok and you're done.

🐱‍🏍Test us now to see how ibindo can help you save tons of hours of paperwork per year! 🐱‍🏍



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Verwaltung von Gästeanfragen


Lost & Found Management

Wissensdatenbank (Logbuch)

Automatisierte E-Mails

Buchung und Kontrolle von Gästefahrten

Dashboard für tägliche Aktivitäten



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digital Guest registration link you can send to your guest with the booking confirmation

1-Click tourism statistic for your community department

1-Click Tax report so you know how much you have to pay

Export Features (PDF, CSV)


a really fancy Dashboard and everything you need to legally rent out in Austria.

no fees. no hidden costs. 



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