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Antwerp, Belgium

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Protime provides efficient solutions to optimize the time of your human capital.

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Any organisation plans, whether it is project planningor personnel planning. To ensure accuracy, a multitude of information is needed. When looking for a suitable solution, you shouldn’t forget to verify how all that information flows through to the planner. This avoids guesswork and inaccurate planning.

From our international experience, we see two different types of planning. Team planning, where available time takes precedence, and planning for requirements, which is more often used in retail and in large businesses.

Time logging or tracking is essential to evaluate time in money. As no other, Protime manages the process of time to money. This process starts with the most user-friendly possible logging of time and attendance.

Time logging is also input for the payroll processing and can further help with precise cost accountancy. Thanks to our online self-service module, employees can manage their own time and absences.