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Push Marketing (MMCréation)




Personalize your website according to the profile of each visitor and boost its performances!

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Enrich the content of your web site very easily and autonomously:


  • Intuitive editor of custom messages
  • Several dozen preconfigured scenarios
  • Choice of the display mode: popin, floating, notification
  • Possibility to integrate forms
  • Integrates with any type of existing site

Targeting messages according to the profile and behaviour of the visitor:

  • Multi criteria targeting
  • Geographic targeting/1st visit - has already come/from referring site
  • Advanced setting of the trigger and of the display pages
  • Choice of the period and the display days
  • Multilingual management


Measure the performance of your content, your offers and better know the visitors of your site:

  • Performance monitoring tables 
  • Device for A/B testing of messages
  • Feedback and call-back forms