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Turn key solution for digital menus

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With a few clicks from your back office you can change your dishes, change your menus, add or delete a dish of the day, change your prices, add categories and sub-categories or add appealing photos.

Simplify your customers' lives by offering them a quality translation for each of your dishes. You'll further improve the customer experience by ensuring comfort and autonomy for your guests.

Every day, build your own customer file with our feedback module. It allows you to know your customers' opinions and keep in touch. A powerful tool for loyalty.

Provide your guests with maximum transparency and information through a presentation of your establishment and our editable product sheets. You can specify the origin of your products, the number of calories, the food and wine pairing, the cooking time, etc.

Save time! There is no need to repeat the same operations several times. In one click from the Tastycloud back office, your changes are simultaneously reflected on your tablets and your website.

The law requires you to specify the allergens on your card. With Tastycloud, it's easy and fun thanks to our dynamic allergen indication module.