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TCPOS (Zuchetti Group)

Manno, Ticino, Switzerland

Between 100 and 200


Comfort, convenience & simplicity

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TCPOS is extremely flexible and can be interfaced with the most common hotel management systems. Through these systems, you can access TCPOS data, run queries, review reports and analyse sales data from the hotel restaurant.

Synchronize your table service, kitchen, gift shop, bar, and minibar with centralized management. Help your staff with their duties by providing innovative TCPOS tools such as Kitchen Monitor and Pager.

In catering areas, TCPOS improves customer service by providing a graphical representation of the dining room, avoiding misunderstandings that could lead to wasted time.

Thanks to handhelds, tablets and smartphones your operators will be able to move between the tables to take orders, give information and collect payments, thus reducing the waiting time.

Reward your guests with special pricing and drinks promotions at the bar for happy hour events.


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