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Austin, TX, USA

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Engage and delight your guests with touchscreen access to all of your amenities

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Volo! is an in-room tablet system for hotels, displayed beautifully on Apple iPads.

  • Engage: Guests will be drawn to your Volo! tablet concierge, and will enjoy using their new favorite touchpoint in your rooms.
  • Delight: Optimize your guest experience by showing them and giving them access to everything your hotel has to offer.
  • Invite: Subtle upsells and push notifications make offers, promotions and event management a breeze.
  • Update: Update your menus and offerings across your enterprise, and stay current with local hotspots and activities, with the click of a button.
  • Stream: No complex integration or new workflow processes, both your staff and guests will find Volo! an intuitive and efficient way to communicate.
  • Stylize: Your property, your style, your brand - presented on state of the art iPads, powered by Volo!


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