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About the team behind Hotelhero

At Hotelhero, we believe that hotels should be leveraging technology for the better. Why? Because software can help you be more guest-centric, streamline processes and ultimately, improve your competitive advantage.

So, what can we help you with today?

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Towards a more confident future

The current approach for hoteliers to buy technology is broken. Buyers spend too much time going to trade shows, browsing endless sites and asking their network for advice. After all this, hoteliers still lack confidence in their choices due to the complexity and opacity of the market. And most projects fail to meet their expectations.

By capturing collective wisdom, Hotelhero brings transparency into the hotel tech market, where hoteliers will be able to make confident and educated purchasing decisions.

Providing free resources from day one

As business owners, we know first-hand that time and money are always tight.

With that in mind, we are comitted to offering our software search tools and other ressources for free, no strings attached.

Case studies, videos, blogs, and reports, hoteliers will have everything they need to take the first steps to digital transformation.

Founded to help hoteliers

In 2016, while assisting the General Manager of a boutique hotel in Paris, our co-founder, Julien was given the task of improving the current IT setup. Julien realised that looking for new software was confusing and time-consuming.

Back at École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Julien discussed this with his classmates Florian and Thibault who had similar experiences on the field. It became clear to them that the industry was missing a platform to centralise and simplify this process.

Our Team

We created Hotelhero to help hotels to better discover, review and manage their software.
Florian Montag
Thibault Gence
Julien Schmit
Léa Payró
Marketing & Communications

Investors & Advisors

We are backed by expert investors and advisors from the hospitality space.
Wilhelm K. Weber VP Global Revenue & Distribution Strategy Kempinski Hotels
David Turnbull Co-Founder TechTalk.Travel & Snapshot
Ian Millar Senior Lecturer Information Technology Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Mario Eiländer Ex-Director Distribution Technology & Channel Analytics Design Hotels
Cassian Silins Ex-Accommodations Director KAYAK
Adam Rowledge Vice Chairman Institute of Hospitality