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GOLD INN and GINN Hotels Remotely Switch from Opera to apaleo

Oct 27, 2020 -

Accommodation Cloud Services Provider Helps Open Newest GINN Hotel Location in Berlin 

Munich, 27.10.2020 - With last week’s grand opening, the sixth property from GOLD INN and GINN Hotels successfully launches, bringing the group’s total to over 900 rooms running on apaleo’s accommodation cloud services.

The story of the GINN brand dates back to early 2019, with the first hotel opening under the name. Based off its outstanding success, expansion plans were quickly implemented to add three more locations to its portfolio. During this time, frustrations reached a boiling point with their existing hosted solution Opera, resulting in the search for streamlined operations and fast-scaling services. While simultaneously opening new properties and evaluating service providers, the COVID-19 outbreak hit and emphasized the need for a solution that would enable the innovation and flexibility that only apaleo’s cloud services could fulfil.

Despite lockdown conditions, GINN City & Lounge Ravensburg successfully opened in April 2020 to pilot apaleo. Proactively reacting to the developing situation, the hotel group was a shining example of how being flexible and creative is the key to successfully navigate the new normal. In addition to adding vouchers for future stays, they temporarily offered their inventory as isolated office spaces. By June, while still working from home, apaleo remotely supported the complete migration to apaleo from Opera’s on-site solution in a matter of days for four properties under the GINN and GOLD INN brands.

“The comfort and ease of switching to apaleo was unparalleled when compared to my previous experience with hotel technology,” says Aleksej Leunov, CEO of GOLD INN. “The current situation brought on a lot of new stress factors, and I am pleasantly surprised that apaleo was such a helpful partner in such unprecedented times. Often, tech in the hospitality industry is out of date, but apaleo is truly a game-changer.”

“GOLD INN represents the ideal customer for two particular reasons: they were able to quickly recognize the value of our cloud services and they were committed to a high degree of automation, especially relating to our payment processing service.” Martin Reichenbach, COO and founder of apaleo continues, “The central reservation department runs on the apaleo solution, reducing the time and effort previously required.”

Uli Pillau, CEO and founder of apaleo, adds “A migration that would take a legacy provider – like Opera – months to complete under normal conditions, is now possible to do within days with apaleo. The advantage of GOLD INN and GINN Hotels setting up a multi-property instance is that they were able to simply duplicate the settings and processes that they set in place for their pilot hotel and make minor adjustments. This ‘copy and paste’ feature makes it possible for hoteliers to confidently add new properties while using the self-service functionalities on scale.”

Beyond apaleo’s cloud services, GOLD INN and GINN Hotels took advantage of “the freedom to create” by choosing an ideal tech stack, including:

In addition to these 3rd party apps from the apaleo app store, GOLD INN elected to build a custom integration to their existing financial system. The detailed documentation for apaleo’s open API made it possible to integrate SAGE through MS Consult.



About GOLD INN and GINN Hotels

Thanks to their individual designs, our hotels make every stay a memorable experience. GOLD INN Hotel Management was founded in 1993 and specializes in the operation and renovation of a diversely designed range of hotels. In the Berlin hotel headquarters, highly qualified specialists with many years of experience work every day in the pursuit of further optimizing and perfecting your hotel stay.


About apaleo

apaleo is an open software platform for hospitality industry players. Every accommodation provider has the power to integrate solutions into an ideal technology stack, including property management and integrated payment services as well as any kind of 3rd party or in-house application. Every tech lover has the foundation to create innovative solutions based on a universal infrastructure.