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happyhotel: Six-figure investment for Offenburg start-up from L-Bank and business angels

Jan 26, 2021 -

Offenburg, 26.01.2021. The cloud provider happyhotel receives fresh growth capital. With a six-figure investment, Baden-Württemberg's L-Bank and business angels are participating in the Offenburg-based tech start-up, the company announced today.

happyhotel helps maximise hotel revenues with cloud-based software. The first investors include Offenburg entrepreneurs such as Swen Laempe, founder of vioma GmbH and the two sevDesk founders Fabian Silberer and Marco Reinbold. The innoWerft start-up centre supported the team in the first investment round. 


"Our software helps hotels to increase their turnover".

"Our software is a smart system and helps hotels to increase revenue to get the best possible return for each room. With the help of dynamic room prices, hotels can get more out of the demand. The adjustment of prices is automated based on our algorithm," says happyhotel founder Sebastian Kuhnhardt. For happyhotel, the investment is not only confirmation even in difficult times, but above all the opportunity to grow. The entire hotel industry has a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitalising its business and making it profitable. CEO and Co-Founder Rafael Weißmüller: "We are currently looking for inquisitive people who want to achieve something big along with us."

In order to create more space, the happyhotel team of ten is expanding its offices in the Technologie Park Offenburg in the coming weeks. The support and open exchange with startUp.connect and the WRO (Wirtschaftsregion Ortenau) have already enabled the young company to get off to a successful start.


The hotel industry is only at the beginning when it comes to digitalisation

"The hotel industry is only at the beginning when it comes to digitalisation and software like happyhotel will be the standard in every hotel in the future," says vioma founder and partner Swen Laempe. 

The three founders Marius Müller, Sebastian Kuhnhardt and Rafael Weißmüller see their enormous potential here. happyhotel is a smart, digital solution that especially supports the small and medium-sized private hotel industry as well as smaller hotel chains in price optimisation. 

"Our algorithm calculates the optimal room rate based on current and future demand. This happens completely automatically in the background and can be implemented quickly with little time," says CTO and co-founder Marius Müller. 


Cloud software with an analysis section

In addition to the price optimisation function, a comprehensive analysis section is available to the customer. "We even offer this in a free tariff and are breaking new ground in the area of hotel software here. Most hotels are amazed at what the analysis of occupancy, incoming bookings and occupancy reveals about the hotel," says Rafael Weißmüller. 

According to investor Marco Reinbold, happyhotel has "an innovative approach with enormous potential!". Especially the summer of 2020 has shown that hotels want to question their current room rates and adjust them dynamically and data-driven to the demand, adds sevDesk CEO Fabian Silberer. 

After the end of the second lockdown this spring 2021, happyhotel sees an opportunity to establish itself in the hotel industry. "As in the previous year, the demand for overnight stays in the D-A-CH area will increase enormously," predicts Sebastian Kuhnhardt and reports further: "Hotels should use the time and already deal with dynamic prices today. So that they can react to the upcoming demand. Our happyhotel software supports them in this." 



About happyhotel:

happyhotel is a cloud provider and has developed a SaaS tool (Software as a Service). The company was founded in October 2019 by Marius Müller, Sebastian Kuhnhardt and Rafael Weißmüller. The cloud-based software solution optimises hotel room rates with the help of a machine learning algorithm. happyhotel analyses various factors such as booking behaviour, events, occupancy and the competitive situation. Thus, happyhotel enables small and medium-sized hotels as well as smaller hotel chains to work with dynamic room rates and increase their turnover.