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D-EDGE launches 100% e-commerce sites for the hotel industry

Feb 01, 2021 -

Paris, February 1st, 2021 - D-EDGE launches FUSION, a new generation of hotel websites. Developed using the most recent e-commerce codes, this range offers the hotel site visitor a seamless booking experience and total immersion into the hotel’s brand universe.

While travel purchases represent the third largest online shopping item for households and online hotel sales now exceed offline sales, many hotel websites do not follow the latest e-commerce standards.

Combining expertise in both hotel website development and reservation software, D-EDGE has designed a new range of 100% e-commerce websites for hotels.

Named Fusion, to underline the perfect integration between the navigation of the reservation process and the brand’s universe, this range offers hoteliers the same features as those available on the sites of the biggest e-commerce players:

  • Seamless integration of the reservation process into the navigation: The customer is never redirected to another page to make their reservation, unlike current hotel industry practices. With Fusion, they remain on the hotel site and there are zero navigation breaks, projecting great reassurance and simplicity.
  • The brand universe enhanced: The deep integration of the reservation process allows the hotelier to offer a customer experience that fits their brand universe 100%. At the time of launch, Fusion offers 3 different types of navigation depending on the positioning that the hotel seeks to convey.
  • An optimised customer experience: the traveler can find all the conditions relating to their purchase in their basket in a clear, transparent, and reassuring way.

“From their first contact with the hotel website, the traveller is completely immersed in the brand’s universe and benefits from a pleasant and reassuring experience. We expect to see a direct increase in conversion rates with Fusion. I really believe that this new concept has come at a moment of ever increasing need for a direct selling strategy and when hotels are facing a huge conversion challenge. ” points out Francis Louis Passerini, Director of D-EDGE Web Studios.

Another innovation is the economic model. The hotelier no longer has to pay for the entire site on delivery, but on a monthly basis, making it possible to smooth out the investment.