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The German Hotel Association (IHA) partners with Hotelhero to provide its members with a dedicated software marketplace

Dec 04, 2019 - Florian Montag

Berlin, 03.12.2019. - A hotel's increasingly complex search for the right technology has come to an end: The German Hotel Association (IHA) is now supporting its members in their search for suitable software providers with its new IHA marketplace thanks to a strategic partnership with Hotelhero, the online platform for hotel software. "The IHA Marketplace by Hotelhero is an innovative tool for hoteliers to get a quick and easy overview of suitable technologies for their property. We are very pleased to have the ability to bring more transparency and comparability for hoteliers into the tech jungle with Hotelhero on our side," explains Otto Lindner, Chairman of the German Hotel Association (IHA).

Digitalisation makes it essential for hoteliers and hosts to implement modern tools and systems to support their operations and to keep up with the latest technology. However, the search for the ideal solution is not easy and sometimes extremely time-consuming. Endless browsing of  individual providers websites and visits to numerous trade fairs often do not lead to the desired result. Finally, due to the complexity and lack of transparency of a rapidly developing market, there is often a lack of confidence in the decision making. Nevertheless, obsolete tools must be replaced and new systems must be compatible with the operation. Above all, it is necessary to have interfaces to the existing systems in order to avoid so-called "data silos".

The IHA Marketplace is an online platform on which association members can register free of charge to find the systems that best fit the hotel's current software ecosystem or build a new one from scratch. The IHA Marketplace lists all relevant providers throughout the entire value chain of a hotel with the most important information on compatibilities, costs, interfaces, references and above all ratings and experiences from industry colleagues.

"With IHA, we are pleased to have gained a powerful partner for the German hotel market. We are convinced that with the Hotelhero platform, we have developed a solution that considerably simplifies the search for suitable systems. This gives us the opportunity to aggregate hoteliers' experience and make it available to the industry," explains Florian Montag, co-founder and managing director of Hotelhero.

If several systems are shown in the hoteliers search, a transparent ranking will highlight which systems have integrations to the hotel's current technology stack so the hotelier can directly shortlist relevant systems. To compare the different systems users also have access to reviews from other hoteliers. This enables member hotels to directly benefit from the competence and experience of their colleagues. IHA members and preferred partners enjoy special benefits. The IHA Marketplace is available here.



About IHA

The German Hotelier Association (IHA) is the free representation of the interests of the hotel industry in Germany. As an association, the IHA represents the interests of the hotel industry on a national and international level and supports its members with professional services and training offers.


About Hotelhero

Hotelhero is the online platform for hotel software. Hotelhero centralizes the search process and simplifies the technology selection for hotels. The platform helps hoteliers make informed and secure technology investment decisions by giving them free insight into the hotel software market and making tailored software recommendations.