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Independent Hotel Show Partner: Edwin Leenheer, Co-founder @ RevControl

October 4th, 2018 - Florian Montag

As you may have heard, we are celebrating our UK Entry at The Independent Hotel Show in London this 16 & 17th of October. To celebrate this big step, we are joining forces with 6 of our amazing partners and are hosting the most exciting hotel technology stand at the show. In this series of interviews we are having a chat with the different founders about what makes their company special, trends in the industry and of course what they appreciate most about our community.


Tell us a bit about you and RevControl?

My name is Edwin Leenheer and I am director of operations and co-founder of RevControl. At RevControl we provide easy to use, yet powerful to control Online Revenue Management for hotels. It combines business on the books, forecasting, events, business rules, competition rates and so much more to intelligently recommend the right rate for your rooms, resulting in more revenue.


Some value propositions from new software companies are saving costs, process optimisation or data integration but hoteliers are often still reluctant to invest in new systems. What is your key reason an independent hotel should invest in your solution?

With RevContol you do not need to collate data from different sources first, you can start with your analyses and make rate decisions directly from the moment you log in. Saves time increases efficiency whilst improving your revenue.


Looking at the market and your competitors, what would you say is your key differentiator (USP)?

RevControl is easy to use thanks to the intuitive user interface, and with its low monthly fees, the ROI is low so even smaller hotels can increase their profit.


For hoteliers looking to stay on top of the latest in hotel technology, it can be difficult to separate trends from immediate necessities. What would you say are the key aspects to watch out for when selecting new systems?

Modern software is hosted in the cloud, not installed on your server, and contracts should be based on monthly renewing SaaS fees.


Tell us more about what is most exciting/interesting about the UK market and more specifically what are you expecting from the Independent Hotel Show?

The IHS marks RevControls entry into the UK market and we are introducing our reseller for the UK: Journey. We look forward to showing many independently run hotels what benefits RevControl can bring to their organisation.


Last but not least, could you give us some insights on why you joined the Hotelhero community and what makes it special for you?

Hotelhero offers us the possibility to be present in markets where we do not have representation ourselves.


We're excited to be there! Book a meeting and come meet us at booth 339.