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  • Deliver a smooth journey across all channels

Manage your sales across mobile, online, and point of sale from a single platform. You can offer your customers the best experiences, from automated check-in and loyalty programs to card-on-file repeat purchases – and everything in-between.

  • Roll out the red carpet for returning guests

With Adyen, you can roll out the red carpet for returning guests by making the payment as easy as a single click. This is achieved through Adyen tokenization,  which securely stores your guest's payment data and replaces it with an encrypted token, which you can use to charge subsequent payments.

  • Easily manage your OTA bookings

For bookings made via online travel agents, Adyen has useful features that will help streamline the process. Dynamic Card Validation dynamically formats card validations as $0 or $1, depending on bank compatibility, dramatically reducing churn rates. To reduce failed payments you can send a payment link to your guests' email. And in the case of booking amendments or cancellation, you can capture payment data and charge the card at a later stage using Adyen tokenization.

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