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Flexible online booking system you can embed in your existing site

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Allocate is a flexible online booking system you can embed in your existing site that can be used by hotels, consortiums, apartments, holiday homes and campsites.  Allocate simplifies booking management and the handling of your customers.

The Allocate widgets can be installed on any site, no matter what backend technology you have used. Just embed 2 lines of code into your design and you're done. 

Widgets are easily customisable to match your branding and are designed from the ground up to work on mobile, tablet and desktop, reconfiguring automatically for the best possible experience on that device.

As well as completing a booking directly on your site, you can also add a list of offers or rooms to your site and configure customised booking routes limited to specific items or discounts.

You can take deposits directly in the embedded widget via payment gateways, Stripe & SagePay.

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