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ANYTIME Feedback (Pulse Solution)

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More satisfied Customers & Employees in every Hotel! Get real-time Feedback and improve your Services with our “Contactless” Survey Solution for mobile phones!

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We provide actionable feedback to increase employee and customer satisfaction, raise service levels and attract new customers thanks to more positive online reviews.

Our two real-time solutions “INSTANT Insight for tablets” and “ANYTIME Feedback for mobiles” enable hotels, restaurants, retail, and service businesses, to find the pros and cons from a customer’s perspective. In seconds, our real-time alerts deliver you actionable insights, to solve customer issues quickly or to say “thanks” to your team for a job well done.

We believe that great companies are achieved through better employee engagement, enhanced customer experiences and continuous improvements. Since 2014, our experience in European and Asian markets had enabled us to make competitive and tailored management platforms.  

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E-Reputation & Feedback
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Statistical & semantic analysis of external portals (OTA, Metasearch, Social Media)

Review sentiment analysis

Manager app

Workflow Management

Extensive real-time review statistics

Competitive comparison

Case Management

In app response

Custom alerts

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Review widget & certificate on your website

Task manager (assign by individual, department or custom group)

Customisable guest surveys

Automated email review invitations

Automated SMS review invitations

TripAdvisor Review Collection Partner

Google Review Partner

Review feed (XML) integration in your website

Multi-property view

KPI dashboard

AI based improvement recommendations

Instant Guest Messaging
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Task manager (assign by individual, department or custom group)

Customer profiling

Bot builder (template answers)

Guest profile enrichment

KPI dashboard

Facebook Messenger Integration

Whatsapp Integration

iMessage integration

WeChat integration

Viber integration

SMS integration

Upsell services and offers

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Mobile access

Channel manager (facebook, iMessage, sms, Viber, WeChat, skype)

Multilingual (guest facing)

Segmented messaging (reservation type, demographics)

Centralised inbox

Skype integration

Dedicated hotel phone number

Google Places integration for recommendations

Messaging automation

"New message" notifications


per property/month
65.0 € minimum price
Contract length: 1 year
Free trial, Setup fee
What's included?
  • Real-Time Alert Notifications 
  • Auto Reply Management 
  • QR Code Survey Creator
  • Web Link and Auto Redirection
  • Survey Custom & Branding 
  • Customer Contact Management 
  • Analysis & Reporting  
  • Data Exports
  • Partner Integration & APIs
  • Fast Support


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support