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Hotelitix (ApprAIse RMS)

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Hotelitix was developed using artificial intelligence, based on probabilistic modeling and regression analysis, allowing to forecast demand levels as well as make strategic pricing decisions. The key to optimized revenue management, is the aptitude to analyze hundred and thousands of data points to determine the optimal rate, at the right time, in order to secure the maximum number of bookings at the highest rate possible. 

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Revenue Management System
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Dynamic Pricing

Price sensitivity modeling

Autopilot (fully automated rate change)

"What-if" scenario analysis

Guided workflows

Channel management module

KPI dashboard

Mobile access

Custom reporting

Flexible user rights & roles

Occupancy forecast

Feed manager (news, events, weather)

365 days rate decision

Pricing rules

Price recommendation per room type


per room/month
Contract length: 1 year
Free trial
What's included?

Hotelitix charges $6 per room per month with a $294 minimum with a 1 year agreement and no setup fees. 


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

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