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Arly Web Check-In

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Reinventing Check-In for the Future

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Arly Web Check-In (AWC) is a cloud-based web application that allows hotel guests to perform online check-in prior to their arrival, calling for faster check-in at the counter. AWC includes:

  • AWC for Guests (AWCG) allows guests to provide their details for check-in via a link sent to their email before stay;
  • AWC for Staff (AWCS) allows the hotel staff to verify check-in submissions made by guests, ensuring that the details provided are accurate, true, and acceptable.

Features of this tool include:

  • Two-step verification for a secure check-in.
  • Deposit Handling
  • Upselling services provided at the hotel for 
  • It only requires the Internet and a browser. Reduce costs and be eco-friendly at the same time by going digital. Better Time Management. Integration. AWC can increase sales for hotels by upselling services by the hotel.

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Online Check-In & Check-in Kiosk
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Fixed kiosk

Portable tablet

Online registration form (fast check-in)

Check-in upselling

Keyless Entry (check-in through mobile app)

Integrated passport scanner

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