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Digital Procurement & Inventory Management for Hotels

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The fully integrated solution for purchasing and warehouse management provides an overview, saves valuable time and increases the profit in your hotel.

Our software digitises previously analogue purchases and warehouse processes in your hotel business. With AVISIO you can make data-based, strategic decisions quickly and easily.

  • Purchasing: Obtain the right quantity at the right price, quickly and efficiently.
  • Warehouse management: Always keep an overview of what is happening in your warehouse.
  • Supplier management: Get more out of your suppliers with targeted recommendations.
  • Analyses: Gain a strategic advantage through analyses - adapted to your needs.

Your advantages with AVISIO:

  • Easy to use
  • With intuitive functions we make merchandise management simple and available to everyone: From the chef to the sommelier to the director.
  • Fully integrated
  • AVISIO integrates with existing IT systems and benefits from data exchange with POS, PMS & suppliers.
  • Intelligent
  • Intelligent quantity proposals and access to central master data enable the highest level of digital professionalism.

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