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Markham, ON

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Spa & wellness business management software

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Book4Time helps you efficiently manage your business while creating the ultimate guest experience.

  • Online bookings: Our centralised, fully integrated booking system makes it easy for guests to book an appointment online, and helps you keep track in one simple place.
  • Marketing tools: From loyalty points and referral incentives to gift cards and spa packages, we’ve got what you need to improve guest experience and drive revenue.
  • Revenue Management: Our comprehensive POS system seamlessly integrates with your preferred payment processor. Or, streamline your business using our fully compliant Book4Time Payments.
  • Guest experience: Manage guest profiles, purchases, and customer activity across all of your locations to personalise each visit and improve guest experience — and retention.
  • Intelligence & reporting: With over 200 sales and financial reports, and one central place to manage it all, it’s easy to forecast revenues, discover trends, track KPIs, and more.
  • Inventory management: Conveniently manage inventory for all spa locations, track inter-company transfers, and maintain vendor records securely in the cloud.

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