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Business Intelligence with dailypoint™ and Tableau™

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Munich, Germany

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Business Intelligence with dailypoint™ and Tableau™

This product is sold with dailypoint™ 360° – Central Data Management


dailypoint™ as the leading Data Management Platform follows the strategy of integrating best-of-breed solutions in certain areas. For data scientists or advanced users who want to analyse and visualize the available data, we offer tableau.
Tableau has been one of the top five BI tools worldwide for years. With the integration into dailypoint™ we offer a BI tool for a fraction of the costs of an individual installation. Tableau is easy to handle and offers a variety of opportunities to analyse data and graphically illustrate the output.
Dailypoint™ offers a wide variety of data sources to use. Important to know: you can get access to all your data. We give you full access, which is very uncommon.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence
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Revenue forecasting & budgeting

Custom dashboard

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Multi-property view

Corporate accounts sales & commission tracking

Online travel agents sales & commission tracking

Team collaboration Tools

Year-to-year comparison of all major data sets

Predefined & custom alerts

Custom reporting

Competition comparison (e-reputation)

Website performance tracking

Social media monitoring

KPI dashboard


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support