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Cenium Hospitality




Ensure effectiveness and control in every area of your hospitality business

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The Cenium hospitality solution is an open and flexible software platform, servicing all your needs when running a hotel or resort. All information is integrated, and you can expand the solution with standard modules and 3. party software to match your needs.

In addition to managing your traditional rooms business, Cenium gives you the power of managing, pricing, selling and packaging all your products and services on one platform.

With Cenium Lifestyle, all services, activities, classes, rentals and tickets offered by your property or partners can be booked and managed. Define activity types, set prices, rules and restrictions and package all your services and products to optimize your total revenue

Cenium Sales & Catering is the conference and event module in Cenium, which manages the sales process, detailed planning, delivery and payment of an event. An event may be as simple as the booking of a meeting room with certain equipment to a larger group event or conference with a series of functions (food, meetings, social etc.).

You will also be able to integrate 3rd party solutions to Cenium to complete your technology stack with specialised tools.

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