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Barcelona, Spain

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Staff Collaboration Software for Hotels.

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Wouldn't be great to have a hotel operation software that simplifies internal communication and boost staff productivity? It's a Trello-like software, the ultimate hotelkit custom-built for Hoteliers.

Smoother Internal Collaboration Software for Hotels to boost staff productivity while increasing hotel revenues. we are helping hotel and hostel chains become a better and easier place to work. Because the hotel property management systems (PMS) it's not enough anymore.

Our mission is to build a platform that learns from the hotels' daily activities to accelerates staff potential and provide relevant information in order to recommend the right task, at the right time to the right staff.

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Staff Communication & Task Management
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Manager app

Task assignement (individual, by department, custom group)

Guest request management

Inspection checklisks

Knowledge bank (logbook)

Multi-property dashboard

Announcement & news

Calendars (create a calendar for individual projects & whole departments)

Ideas (gather ideas from the team)

Reoccuring tasks for prevention & deep cleans

Android/iOS app


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support