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Core Brand Audit

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Industry standard, comprehensive external brand audit for hotels and resorts

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A comprehensive, 30-page external brand audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and marketing communications, benchmarking your performance with industry average. 

This audit offers a comprehensive analysis based on expert ratings, in-market customer survey feedback and 3rd party data. This is your ideal choice if you would like to cover all key aspects of the branding of your company. 

The 30 page audit covers the following sections: 


  • Corporate identity
  • Brand and product benefits
  • Marketing communications
  • Brand website experience
  • Core brand associations
  • Endorsements
  • Customer perceptions


In each section, 5 items are analyzed. In total, your report will include the evaluation of 35 key points of your brand and marketing communications.


Each section includes the following insights:

  • Ratings from expert auditors
  • Results of in-market customer perceptions survey
  • Strengths and weaknesses between you and industry average
  • Feedback from in-market customers
  • Brief suggestions from expert auditors

Insights are based on first hand data collected from targeted in-customers surveys, expert opinions and 3rd party data. 

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Revenue forecasting & budgeting

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Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Multi-property view

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Online travel agents sales & commission tracking

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Year-to-year comparison of all major data sets

Predefined & custom alerts

Custom reporting

Competition comparison (e-reputation)

Website performance tracking

Social media monitoring

KPI dashboard


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