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Guest Communication Platform & Conversational AI Chatbots for Hospitality

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DialogShift enables hotels to assist and engage with their guests in the most convenient and effective way - via chat, text messaging or voice assistants. Communication preferences are shifting towards messaging/chat and with language technologies at the forefront a new ecosystem of services and devices has emerged. Hotels can take control over guest communication and allow automated and live conversational experiences along the entire guest journey and across multiple touch points and devices. It’s more than a chatbot, it’s a holistic approach to Conversational AI for travel and hospitality.

Hotels can

1. Increase direct bookings automatically: Get in touch with prospective guests on the hotel website and boost direct bookings through an automatic redirection of booking requests to the booking engine.

2. Free up their valuable employees: Leverage technology and AI in order to free up staff for the personal touch in service where it is needed. 

3. Provide excellent guest experiences: Give their guests what they want, when and the way they want it.

*DialogShift's Conversational AI Chatbots can be integrated in Websites, Apps, Messaging Platforms, Voice Assistants and Robots. 🚀

Software languages:


Instant Guest Messaging
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Task manager (assign by individual, department or custom group)

Customer profiling

Bot builder (template answers)

Guest profile enrichment

KPI dashboard

Facebook Messenger Integration

Whatsapp Integration

iMessage integration

WeChat integration

Viber integration

SMS integration

Upsell services and offers

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Mobile access

Channel manager (facebook, iMessage, sms, Viber, WeChat, skype)

Multilingual (guest facing)

Segmented messaging (reservation type, demographics)

Centralised inbox

Skype integration

Dedicated hotel phone number

Google Places integration for recommendations

Messaging automation

"New message" notifications

Website Chat & Chatbots
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Live chat

Bot builder (template answers)

Messaging & response automation

Guest profile enrichment

SMS integration

FAQ responses

Chatbot to take reservation (booking engine integration)

Facebook Messenger integration

Multilingual (guest facing)


per property/month
149.0 € minimum price
Contract length: Non-binding
Free trial
What's included?

​​+ Channel

  • Integration in Messaging Plattforms:  29 € / Month

  • WhatsApp: upon request

+ Language

  • additional language: 9 € / Month

+ Feedback

  • automatically collect feedback: 39 € / Month

+ Service Bookings

  • Service bookings (spa & restaurant reservations): 39 € / Month

+ Chatbot

  • additional 20 FAQs: 9 € / Month
  • Multi-Property chatbot: upon request

+ Voice integration

  • Voice enabled chatbot: upon request

+ Active users (users who have sent or received a message)

  • 201-500: 45 € / 90 days

  • 501-1000: 45 € / 90 days

  • 1000+: 45 € / 90 days

per property/month
179.0 € minimum price
Contract length: Non-binding
Setup fee
What's included?
  • Website Chat

  • Booking Engine Integration

  • Live Chat (2 seats)

  • AI Chatbot for 60 FAQs

  • Chat Web App for mobile chat (for guests)

  • Native App for mobile Live Chat (for hotels - answer guest requests on mobile devices)

  • 2 Languages

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • White Label

  • 200 active users (users who have sent or received a message)

per property/month
99.0 € minimum price
Contract length: Non-binding
What's included?
  • Website Chat

  • Booking Engine Integration

  • Live Chat (2 Sitze)

  • Guided dialoges with Quick Reply Buttons & Caroussel

  • Chatbot for 10 FAQs

  • 2 languages

  • White Label

  • 4 weeks free trial

  • 200 active users (users who have sent or received a message)


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support

Integrations (4)