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FRAMEN (Digital Signage+ Upselling)

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Make revenue with advertisement on your screens

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Digital Signage+ Earn more with your screens!

For your business, we offer a unique combination of advertising solution for your own screen communication (Digital Signage) and marketplace connection, which can also work profitable for you. Here you can decide how many screens you will provide to external advertisers. Your black screens are like employees who don't work. Whether a tablet on the reception or a TV on the wall, FRAMEN provides an additional monthly income up to 70% per booked campaign.

  1. More income - Generate additional revenue for your business - with FRAMEN simply more income.

  2. Digital Signage+ Stream your offers and services always up-to-date and from anywhere in the world - with FRAMEN DS+

  3. Simply connect: List your screen on FRAMEN, no matter if a tablet at the reception or TV - simply connect.

  4. Ambiance & Info: Local information, offers or tips for your guests to inspire your stay - more ambiance & information.


How does it work?

Either our mobile app for Android and iOS for mobile devices, a Smart TV or any kind of TV stick. Once installed, registered and off you go!

How can I rent my screen?

To rent your screen, you can easily list your screen with all the basic information at FRAMEN. The more precisely you describe your business, your website, and your guests or your audience, the more likely you are to find the right advertisers who are interested in your screen. Once submitted, we will contact you and check the status.

How do I get paid?

Once you have registered your screen on FRAMEN, you can start earning money as soon as the advertiser books it. We will pay your earnings through the payment option you choose.

Can I control who advertises with me?

Yes, we will inform you about current advertising requests. We want your guests or your audience to receive relevant and serious offers that are compatible with your business. More information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

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KPI dashboard

Segmented offers (reservation type, demographics, etc...)

Check-in upselling

In-stay upsells

Web app (PWA) accessibility for guests

Customise offers

Booking.com "direct connect"

Automated pre-stay emails

Multilingual (guest facing)

Upsell 3rd party services

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Expedia "direct connect"

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