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Your bank balances, purchases, sales and relationship management in a single accounting program from Exact. It gives you valuable insights, ensuring you're always up to date on developments and where you need to take action.

Our accounting robot takes your administrative work off your hands and learns from the choices you previously made. We call it 'no-hands accounting'. Spend less time on accounting and make the most intelligent decision every time.

Our accounting program can be easily linked to your bank accounts. Have transactions, payment files and direct debit files automatically shared between your bank and Exact. Each day, your statements will be automatically imported, prepared and processed. Our accounting robot automatically assigns 90% of depreciations to the correct general ledger account; for the remaining 10%, the system sends you a proposal that you can approve with just one click.

Exact is a comprehensive accounting program and can be integrated with 220+ business software programs. No other accounting program offers more options to connect with other programs at this level.

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