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The fastest way to manage hourly work.

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Gustaf is an intelligent shift management solution. Leveraging the best in AI technology, Gustaf handles shift changes on behalf of managers, contacting staff to find coverage for open work shifts in real-time. When used with Beekeeper, this integration is a powerful tool for shift management and hotel operations in general

When a shift is uncovered, Gustaf reviews workforce availability according to union and labor laws, automatically factoring in seniority, appropriate breaks, and overtime considerations. Once Gustaf determines available and compliant shift replacements, the app contacts these workers in their preferred language. When coverage is found, the schedule is automatically updated and managers receive a notification of the final shift changes made.
Immediately resolve staff call-outs
Find coverage for open shifts in real time, while ensuring compliance with union and labor laws

Automate the shift coverage lifecycle
Gustaf’s chatbot drops shifts, contacts replacements, and informs the manager of final changes 

Up-to-the-minute shift changes
24/7 availability to employees and management for shift changes, no phone call needed

One central employee app
Automated shift communication happens within Beekeeper; information is logged and secure

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