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Hart PMS

Integrated solution for every aspect of your operation

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HART PMS is an integrated system that manages all aspects of hospitality operation: Marketing, Reservations (Rooms, Events, Groups, Restaurant, Spa, Golf and their web equivalents), Stock Control, Point of Sales, Management Accounting, Memberships, Vouchers, Fitness, Desk Operation, Maintenance and Housekeeping. All this functionality is built around a single guest profile which is the centre of all the activity.

Workflow is intuitive between departments which share the workload instead of duplicating it and co-ordinate in order to achieve improvement of experience offered to their customers. Web and third party extension complete the picture of a system which offers everything a hospitality user needs.

Living in a multi device era, HART is available on all platforms so that on the one hand the user can work on it from wherever, whenever is needed and on the other a number of guest extensions allow simple, customised interaction between the hotel and the guest while promoting loyalty.

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