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A powerful, yet simple to use front desk software and property management solution, providing you with all the tools you need to manage your business with ease!

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HiRUM Front Desk software is widely accepted as Australia’s preferred front desk and reservation solution for the accommodation industry. With full guest accounting, front & back office tools, reporting for guests and managers, as well as maintenance and marketing capabilities, HiRUM Front Desk is your comprehensive reservation management solution. HiRUM’s Front Desk software is affordable, easy to use and the only solution you will need to manage your accommodation effectively.


Guest Management

  • Everything you need to manage your guests with ease, including tracking and recording guest stays and special occasions like birthdays/anniversaries.
  • Send professional automated emails to your guests pre and post stay, maximising communication and increasing revenue opportunities with tours, activities and future stay promotions.
  • Create your marketing campaigns based on confirmed data, not guesswork, using our comprehensive marketing tools.

Reservation Management

  • Easily view and process your arrivals & departures.
  • During busy periods our booking optimisation tool can maximise your availability for you.
  • Processing large groups is a breeze. You can perform bulk updates to group bookings, saving processing time, so you can spend more time with your guests.

Front Office Management

Our administration tools are powerful yet easy to use, simplifying your front desk operations, whilst maximising output for your back-office.

Housekeeping Management & Maintenance Management

Keep on top of everything housekeeping, from viewing a room's status to scheduling your cleaning staff, we have you covered.

Prevent rooms being booked when maintenance work is scheduled, and log jobs simply when work is required.

Comprehensive Reporting &Robust Accounting Features

  • Select from various report types based on the information you require to gain relevant insights on your operations, marketing and management practices and processes.
  • Record & accept guest payments and easily manage outgoing payments to agents, owners and creditors alike. Our banking wizard makes your banking super easy.

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