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Intelligent, personalised customer service agent for your hotel

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Hotbot is an automated, intelligent chat bot for hotels. It will help your guests plan their stay, discover things to do, book activities and request personalized services. 
No apps to download, no web sites to visit - guest just opens their favorite messenger and gets into direct communications with your hotel.

Hotbot will answer questions and respond to service requests:

  • order room-service 
  • get a taxi or Uber 
  • self check-in and early arrival
  • request late departure 
  • ... in the guest's language

Messenger apps are a great way to drive additional revenue through personalized communications. Create special offers that will appeal to your guests. Room upgrade requests can be offered automatically prior to arrival. Spa visits can be booked in advance. Guest activities can be personalized to your guest's desires.

Hotbot will recommend your guests the best places to visit, from popular bars and clubs to the most coveted restaurants, based on customer reviews. 

The bot-concierge knows all about: 

  • the best restaurants and bars in town 
  • places to visit
  • tours and events 
  • shows and concert

And also: 

  • where to change money 
  • the nearest ATM 
  • where to buy a local SIM card 
  • what weather to expect tomorrow

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