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The new platform for hotels to acquire, engage and retain more guests.

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Hotelinking Boosts Web Traffic For Your Booking Site. Hotelinking is a lead generation platform that helps Online Booking Sites to boost web traffic through social media guest referrals, unlocking a whole new channel of direct bookings.

How Hotelinking works?

Hotelinking integrates with your booking engine seamlessly, embedding an iframe that will pop-up only on the booking confirmation page where:

Every customer is rewarded (e.g. 5% discount) when he invites his social media friends to book on your site their next trip. Social media friends trust the invite, and are incentivized with an exclusive offer for friends only (e.g. 5% discount).

Referees are redirected to your booking site willing to make a reservation. Hotelinking tracks referrers, referees, web unique visitors, booking value generated per referrer, and many more.

The following are benefits and values Google AdWords cannot offer:

  • Get higher quality traffic and 50% cheaper than Google AdWords.
  • Attract your customers’ social media friends through word of mouth.
  • Build an enriched database of potential customers.
  • Reduce significantly your customer acquisition cost (CAC).
  • Track not only web visits, but also bookings confirmed from referral marketing.

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