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#1 CMMS & FM software in the world powered by NFC Technology

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Infraspeak is the #1 CMMS in the world powered by NFC Technology. Over 32,000 buildings operate using Infraspeak, including hotels such as Six Senses, Sheraton, InterContinental, Holiday Inn, and more.  It is a Maintenance and Facilities Management platform created to make your life easier, your operations much more efficient, and your hotel Smart.

All of those resulting in one simple goal - excellent Guest Experience. Only when everything works can your hotel truly shine. 

Infraspeak is a modular and customisable software, adapting to you and your operations. It enables simple reporting of failures in order to decrease the resolution time and to make your visitors, engineers, and front desk staff happier. Additionally, it allows you to create preventive plans, keep track of your assets, and monitor the performance of your maintenance team. From stock management and utilities monitoring to economic and cost analysis, Infraspek has you covered.

No more time consuming admin, Excel or paper! 

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Staff Communication & Task Management
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Manager app

Task assignement (individual, by department, custom group)

Guest request management

Inspection checklisks

Knowledge bank (logbook)

Multi-property dashboard

Announcement & news

Calendars (create a calendar for individual projects & whole departments)

Ideas (gather ideas from the team)

Reoccuring tasks for prevention & deep cleans

Android/iOS app


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support