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Inn Style is a cloud-based property management system, channel manager, and internet booking engine, built by hoteliers for hoteliers.

The all-in-one system streamlines repetitive admin, increases bookings, and enables accommodation owners to spend more time with their guests.

Key features include a user-friendly booking calendar, integrated payments, insightful reporting tools, and distribution to a wide network of online travel agents. 

Software languages:


Property Management System (PMS)
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Room rack (reservations calendar)

Room types & rate management

Advanced invoiced & billing

Bed assignment (hostels)

Group reservations management

Customer profiling

Custom reporting

Extra (ancillary) revenue tracking

Flexible user rights & roles

Emailing automation (pre & post stay)

Voucher management

Daily activity dashboard

KPI dashboard

Reservations overview

Integrated payment processing

Integrated passport scanner

Mobile access

Booking engine module

Channel management module

CRS module

Yielding (revenue management) module

Spa management module

CRM Module

point of sale module

Housekeeping module

Staff communication (task manager) module

Guest app or web portal module

Lobby kiosk module

Sales & events management module

Online registration form (fast check-in)

Custom rates

Channel Manager
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Booking engine module

1 click on/off

Channel analytics dashboard


2-way XML integration

Virtual Properties (different OTA account ID’s to one PMS)

Flexible user rights & roles

365 days rate management

Rate shopping module

Connect to main GDSs

Yielding (revenue management) module

Pooled inventory

Mobile access

Custom inventory levels per room type & channel

Pricing & availability rules

Payment automation for OTA bookings


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support

Integrations (2)