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Stockholm, Sweden

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Centered around the guests'​ journey, InnSpire delivers a turn key digital roadmap – and brings it to life.

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The InnSpire Sales & Entertainment Engine is a true hospitality tool that drives revenue and guest satisfaction in leading hotels globally. Active on all continents, and with a tremendous growth, InnSpire continues to offer the most comprehensive hardware and software solutions for hotels that see revenue growth and increased guest satisfaction as key metrics. At InnSpire, we help hotels worldwide to:

  • Sell more
  • Entertainment better
  • Analyze and Optimize the operations using powerful
  • AI tools and real-time dashboards

InnSpire is the world's most comprehensive ICE-SA™ system - meaning that we encompass Information, Communication and Entertainment, plus Sales and Analytics in one centrally managed solution. We work to help hotels earn more and do less by increasing the revenue generated by each guest, and measuring and promoting what’s profitable rather than what’s not - using fun and easy-to-use digital interactive entertainment solutions that staff and guests love. We work around our "Any-screen™"​-principle - which means that the hotels'​ guest should be able to reach the products, services and entertainment offered using the device they find most convenient - whether it's their iPhone™, iPad™, Android™-device or the InnSpire™-enabled connected TV in their rooms.

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