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Mirus HR

The leading HR management tool in Switzerland

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The application offers many functions, such as the possibility of printing contracts, certificates, monthly sheets, statements and salary certificates directly from your software, with the necessary information.

As the first software in Switzerland to be certified by the CCNT, Mirus HR 3.0 always takes into account the latest legal provisions. You can be relaxed the next time you check the CCNT, Mirus automatically calculates the working time according to the CCNT. As a result, your employees' balances are constantly updated.

Using Mirus HR 3.0 scheduling, you can set up your monthly statement even faster.

An interface with Mirus accounting transfers your salary data directly to the accounting software. Planning is directly related to employee and salary management. This means that the various data concerning employees and working time do not have to be re-entered manually a second time, but are automatically synchronized.

The Internet-based Mirus HR 3.0 solution can be used from any workstation. Mirus HR 3.0 planning can be perfectly combined with biometric time recording.

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