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Property management the easy way with an integrated booking engine, housekeeping tool and conference module

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Nitesoft cloud-based Property Management System allows you to access the system at anytime, from any device. Having an extensive list of features Nitesoft is an ideal PMS for independent hotels and small chains.

Furthermore, Nitesoft partners with 3rd party suppliers to ensure you can integrate innovative solutions they do not provide such as a channel manager, an auto check-in kiosk, an up selling tool, and more.

Along with all it’s PMS features, Nitesoft provides an integrated fully mobile optimised booking engine as well as built in housekeeping and conference modules.

Nitesoft can also provide a bar & restaurant point of sale system designed to communicate perfectly with its PMS guaranteeing full data transfer automation – from room service orders via the restaurant E-menu to the transfer of restaurant bills your hotel’ guest folios.

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