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Analytically Innovative Software-as-a-Service

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No matter how big you are, what matters, how fast you react.
Therefore, you need access to accurate information, instantly without having to construct spreadsheets, ratios, graphs and trends… that are time and energy consuming. You need Operandi that integrates, organize and presents your data and a variety of information at one address with multidimensional and diversified filtering options providing instant, flexible user-friendly access to useful reports, dashboards and tables…
Operandi, offers Multi-property automated real-time data visualization, for all aspects of your revenue and operational financial performance, you can tailor make instantly.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence
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Revenue forecasting & budgeting

Custom dashboard

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Multi-property view

Corporate accounts sales & commission tracking

Online travel agents sales & commission tracking

Team collaboration Tools

Year-to-year comparison of all major data sets

Predefined & custom alerts

Custom reporting

Competition comparison (e-reputation)

Website performance tracking

Social media monitoring

KPI dashboard

Revenue Management System
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Dynamic Pricing

Price sensitivity modeling

Autopilot (fully automated rate change)

"What-if" scenario analysis

Guided workflows

Channel management module

KPI dashboard

Mobile access

Custom reporting

Flexible user rights & roles

Occupancy forecast

Feed manager (news, events, weather)

365 days rate decision

Pricing rules

Price recommendation per room type


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support

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