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Optimand Conversion Tool

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Increase your website conversion and get-access to your future real-time demand.

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Be in control of your very own promotional strategy, and seamlessly create fully opaque rates based on geolocation and predetermined search criteria. Our unique system is able to manage opaque rates and special conditions only to your target audience so that you can increase conversion, safely cut dependency from OTAs and avoid undifferentiated discount offerings. There are no changes required from your side and we could be live in 1 hour by adding a code in your Google Tag Manager or website footer.

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Real-time price comparison widget

Segmented inline messages (embed)

E-mail alerts

Email capture feature

Behavioural Targeting

Datalayer Targeting (demographics)

FAQ pop-up

Exit intent pop-up

Conversion Analytics

Rate disparity analytics & alerts

Segmented pop-up messages

Price Matching function

Demand Analytics

Location floating pop-up

Live chat

Integrated A/B testing

Flash sales pop-up with countdown clock

Reviews widget

1-click promo codes


2.0 %
commission on generated revenue
Contract length: 1 year
Free trial, Setup fee


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

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