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Recency - Frequency - Monetary

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RFM is a vital CRM tool for hoteliers to smartly segment and target their guests in accordance with their Recency - Frequency - Monetary stay performances.

Recency: How recently did they visit you?
Frequency: How often did they visit you?
Monetary: How much did they spend?


  • Data Segmentation ( Micro - Macro )
  • Data Singularity
  • Churn Analysis
  • Loyalty Management


  • Maximise guest lifetime value
  • Increase customer retention
  • Potential guests converted into more profitable guests
  • Enhanced Productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Unlimited and powerful reporting to capture all detailed performance

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Analytics & Business Intelligence
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Revenue forecasting & budgeting

Custom dashboard

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Multi-property view

Corporate accounts sales & commission tracking

Online travel agents sales & commission tracking

Team collaboration Tools

Year-to-year comparison of all major data sets

Predefined & custom alerts

Custom reporting

Competition comparison (e-reputation)

Website performance tracking

Social media monitoring

KPI dashboard


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support