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Metasearch by P3

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Metasearch connection to increase direct bookings and online visibility.

This product is sold with Booking Engine by P3

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P3 booking engine integrates with the world's largest Metasearch channels: Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and Trivago. We make sure that the pricing displayed in the Metasearch channels reflect the pricing offered in your booking engine. Ensuring that your customers have visibility on your pricing and access to your own direct booking channel is crucial to increase direct bookings.

  • Rates & Availability 100% Accurate.

  • Direct Integration From OPERA.

  • Real-time Update.

  • Dashboard.

  • Reports.

  • CPC / CPA Models.

  • Multi-currency.

  • Multi-rates.

  • Increase direct bookings, reduce dependency on OTAs, connect with your own digital marketing agency, increase visibility on Google Search Results, remain competitive against OTAs.


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Metasearch & Ads Manager
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Meta search marketing

Budget Management

Bidding System

KPI dashboard

Connection to all relevant meta searches (trivago, tripadvisor, kayak, etc...)

Content analysis & optimization of all live platforms

Strategic consulting services


Dedicated account manager

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On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

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