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Profitroom CRM

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Simplified sales & marketing for hotels

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Profitroom® CRM is an effective marketing and sales platform that supports hotel at all stages of acquiring guests, significantly increasing the number of direct bookings. You will be surprised by its indispensability.

With Profitroom® CRM you get:

  • Effective, personalized message templates that can contain photos, descriptions and prices taken directly from the special offers of your booking system. Hotel e-mail marketing has never been so simple and effective.
  • The ability to quickly create and email an offer ideally suited to the requirements of a guest.
  • A central database of guests, bookings, and inquiries. Full history stored in one place allows you to adjust offers to the needs of guests.
  • A mechanism that works like an inbox, thanks to which your team will not miss a single guest’s inquiry again.
  • Automation of hotel-guest communication thanks to predefined, multilingual emails. The system will send messages before and after each stay.
  • GDPR compliance. Profitroom CRM is not only compliant with the GDPR regulations but also supports your team in complying with the regulations. All data sources are saved temporarily, in accordance with the content and purpose of the processing, expressed by guest.

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CRM & E-Mailing
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Data deduplication

Multi-property view

Centralized data warehouse

Customer profiling


Guest profile enrichment

Segmented messaging (reservation type, demographics, etc...)

E-mail automation

Custom loyalty program module

Content management system (CMS)

e-reputation management module

Up-sell room upgrades

Up-sell extra services

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

KPI dashboard

Drag & drop template Editor

Guest feedback module (comment cards/reviews)

Multilingual (guest facing)

Segmented emailing (reservation type, demographics, etc...)

TripAdvisor Review Collection Partner

Google Review Partner


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support

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