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Property Management System (Amenitiz)

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Barcelona, Spain

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A hands on website builder with an integrated PMS, booking engine and channel manager for small and medium accommodations

This product is sold with Booking Engine & Channel Manager (Amenitiz)

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Amenitiz is an all-in-one solutions including a website builder, an intuitive property management system, a native booking engine and a channel manager to centralise your bookings all in one place. Amenitiz is built on the idea that each hotelier should be able to create and manage their online presence and their property without the need of a webmaster or a suite of 5 different providers.


Our Property Management System makes it less stressful to juggle everyday operations and big business decisions. From hosting guests, to managing room turnover, coordinating facilities projects and promoting your property for max occupancy, it can be easy to get buried in the day-to-day. Start automating tasks and steal back time to focus on the big picture.

With the Amenitiz PMS you get a 360° view of everything from finances to inventory :

  • Allocate rooms and access guest details all from the same dashboard taking the stress out of planning
  • Easily manage payments, so you can streamline finances and stop chasing invoices
  • Create accounting and tax reports with one-click to save yourself the headache
  • Train staff quickly and focus on higher priorities
  • Advanced reports give you actionable business insights
  • Test what marketing specials entice guests to book

Streamline the daily chaos, so you can make time for what you enjoy most, taking care of your guests !

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Property Management System (PMS)
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Room rack (reservations calendar)

Room types & rate management

Advanced invoiced & billing

Bed assignment (hostels)

Group reservations management

Customer profiling

Custom reporting

Extra (ancillary) revenue tracking

Flexible user rights & roles

Emailing automation (pre & post stay)

Voucher management

Daily activity dashboard

KPI dashboard

Reservations overview

Integrated payment processing

Integrated passport scanner

Mobile access

Booking engine module

Channel management module

CRS module

Yielding (revenue management) module

Spa management module

CRM Module

point of sale module

Housekeeping module

Staff communication (task manager) module

Guest app or web portal module

Lobby kiosk module

Sales & events management module

Online registration form (fast check-in)

Custom rates


per room/month
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Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

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