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Self-check-in station

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Nürnberg, Germany

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the all-in-one lobby solution

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HelloGuest Self-Check-in Station is characterized by its ergonomic and puristic design. Comfortable operation and the highest level of maintenance and service friendliness are paramount. The powerful 21.5" Full HD touchscreen provides optimal viewing angle stability. The lockable service flap allows easy access to the integrated card dispenser and thermal printer. In the console below the display, customer-specific payment terminals such as the Verifone H5000 and QR code reader can be easily integrated. The electronic signature pad is located directly in the middle of the desk and thus offers optimal ergonomics. There is an optional color choice for the card dispenser and printer box that can accommodate your hotel logo.

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Online Check-In & Check-in Kiosk
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Fixed kiosk

Portable tablet

Online registration form (fast check-in)

Check-in upselling

Keyless Entry (check-in through mobile app)

View bill & self check-out

Integrated passport scanner


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

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